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Making Dreams Come True

Zuriee Ahmad Concepts is a weddings & Events company that seamlessly melds glamour chic with contemporary sophistication. Zuriee Ahmad,the founder and creator, combined his experiences and learning from the years of working and collaborating with renowned fashion houses and florists,to establish a fresh  and unique weddings & events decor company catering to a diverse spectrum of clienteles that includes high society elitists, streetwise social moguls and everyday people with a taste for the chic, the fashionable and the extraordinary.

      The trust he gained from the influential people around him further fueled Zuriee Ahmad's desire to grow his character in a manner both natural and acceptable to the people closest to his heart-his family and close friends, as well as desirable and attractive to the people he wished to build his future endeavors upon.

      Enter the world of high fashion and chic sophistication. With his introduction to the fast and furiously competitive business of fashion, Zuriee Ahmad learned to pick the tricks and tribulations of the sartorially fastidious faces in the fashion industry to build a strong working knowledge of the requisites of high taste and style that match sophisticated personal desires and requirements . Also to his credit,  Zuriee Ahmad's innate talent to coalesce the subjective yearnings of diverse clienteles with the tangible textures, colors and feel of fabric, won him the confidence, not only from his clients but also mostly in himself. The self-rejuvenating experience he gained in the fashion industry propelled him further to discover other means to expand his knowledge and talent that would benefit him personally as well as the people around him. 

     The countless dealings with the fashionably forward crowd serendipitously brought Zuriee Ahmad to the recognition of a renowned local events decorator. Zuriee Ahmad's characters that drew people to him and his casual means to maintain their interest, also earned him the privilege to be a team member of an elite coterie of designers,florists and event coordinators of the local weddings and events industry. Zuriee Ahmad brought to the scene a casual sophistication that propelled clients to take notice and necessitated him to indulge with the desires of elusive clienteles more finicky than ostentatious but nonetheless sophisticated and chic in style and taste.


Zuriee Ahmad
Founder & Creative Director
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