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Full Package

Planning and managing a wedding can be a daunting task but we can help you manage your entire wedding celebration with our complete professional services and client care. From initial planning, visualization of the event design, budgeting, gifts/'hantaran' preparations to the actual day's management, couples can breathe easy as we will ensure your wedding day becomes a memorable event.

Partial Package

For couples who wish to manage most or some parts of their wedding, We can assist you along the way, lending you our guidance and expertise, and help manage any element that you wish to entrust to us with .

On the Day

It takes experience to manage and coordinate a once-in-a-lifetime event even though it seems trivial to many. Our years of experience in event coordination have equipped us with the knowledge and sense to keep things in order throughout an event to allow you to enjoy your occasion without worry.

Social Events


Birthday Party

Birthday celebrations are joyous occasions that should be celebrated with glee. We take the hassle out of the planning and running of your party by managing all the details to ensure that your party will be a celebration filled with smiles from start to end.

Baby Shower("Cukur Jambul")

Whether it is a casual gathering or a traditional ceremony introducing your baby to the world, we will go to great lengths to ensure that the occasion is filled with familial love and warmth with our touch to create that best first impression of your baby, wink!

Private Events

For those events reserved exclusively for the chosen few, be rest assured that confidently will be of the utmost priority when we takes the helm. But more importantly, our knowledge and experience in numerous private events over the years will ensure that you will enjoy your event privately with a carefree nuance.

Corporate Events


Product Launching

Premiering new products is essential for the continued growth of a company. As a business entity has grown from a humble beginning to a well-recognized company, We have all the essential requisite to ensure that your product launch will the talk of the town.

Corporate Event

From seminars to appreciation dinners, corporate brand and identity are key to any business. As a company that continuously strives to differentiate itself from the rest, we have all the experience to create occasions that are distinct and unique, in line with your corporate identity.

Annual Dinner

This yearly occasion doesn't have to be a deja vu experience. We at ZAC understand that this highly anticipated yearly event is key in reconnecting ties between colleagues and networks to ensure longevity. Working closely with the representatives of your company, we will inject a distinct vibe to your occasion to ensure that your annual dinner will no be serving last year's leftover.

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